abundat et formosa; abundant and beautiful

The school motto of Rosewood Institute is "abundant et formosa" meaning "abundant and beautiful" in Latin. Not simply just a greeting between students of the Institute it is also the life philosophy on which everything is hung. May all who tread here and take these teachings have abundant and beautiful lives.


Once a family estate owned by the family of Rosalyn Beatrice Werner Woods...

The impeccably furnished and well appointed rose quartz pink French Haussmann style mansion is now the underpinnings of The Rosewood Institute - a modern Finishing School created by heiress to the estimable estate... Dr. Mischaela Elkins.


To impart timeless spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and practical wisdom to today's women in a modern finishing academy format...


Enrollment for the upcoming class offering is ongoing.

Students of high character who will apply themselves to their chosen coursework to completion and with a sincere heart get top prioritization for acceptance. The Enrollment and Admissions office is the place to go to find details on steps to Enrollment and how the Admissions process works at Rosewood Institute.



    The Workin' For A Birkin Masterclass and companion book were created to teach you how to heal your Masculine Energy and heal wounds and limiting mindsets on Abundance, Wealth, Success, and Manifestation. This series will help you address your inner masculine aspect so that you can create new abundance in your life and heal scarcity mindsets that block you from expanding your professional life, your business, and your earnings. The class will also take you through manifestation tools and techniques and dispel what WORKS and what doesn't and WHY it works.


    The Breathwork At Tiffany's Masterclass and companion book are a how-to guide to embracing the rare and unique diamond that is YOU. Both are dedicated to helping you heal your Feminine Energy wounds and reach balance within yourself. Emancipate yourself from low self-worth, unhealthy female competition dynamics, poor self-esteem, feeling burnt out and over-worked, and heal your ability to receive messages from your intuition and trust them.


    The Red Bottoms & Rose Quartz Masterclass and companion book were created to help you wash away all of the societal notions you have about dating, relationships, and what love looks like. So much of what we are sold is really about attachment, codependence, ego, and playing out our traumas and inner child wounds. This system was designed to help you unburden yourself of masculine and feminine energetic imbalance, be aligned for divine unconditional love, and examine your motive and intentions with dating and relationships. We cover everything from self-love and self respect to societal programming and views on sex and intimacy.


You can download or order the digital, paperback, or hardback version of each book available now on Amazon. Each one is the perfect accompaniment or pre-work for the The Rosewood Institute finishing academy Masterclasses.
Books by Mischaela Elkins


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