The "Workin For A Birkin" Manifesto

Abundance is your birthright.

The Workin For A Birkin book and Masterclass is centered around healing and balancing your Inner Masculine Energy...which translates to healing your blocks and personal wounds around money, wealth mindset, abundance thinking, and manifestation. The curriculum focuses on explaining the societal norms, childhood wounds, generational trauma, and other circumstances that laid the foundation for unhealed thought patterns in your life. Through exploring our existing thought patterns, we can chart a path for healing and therefore shifting our actions and beliefs to align with the wealth, abundance, providence, security and stability that is every human's birthright. Once we know better, we can do better and once we do better, we can come to expect better and begin operating and greater and greater levels of peace, tranquility, and acceptance around what we are destined to receive. Scarcity mindsets are the result of fear driving our thoughts, choices, and patterns. The Workin For A Birkin manifesto is simple: your thoughts determine what you believe can align with you materially and abundantly, and it's not about working harder - it's about working with more love and less fear.


Through the Workin For A Birkin curriculum we will work on addressing, elevating, and eliminating the following wounded patterns from your life:

  • Self limiting beliefs on your own ability to earn, welcome, and cultivate your own material stability.

  • Self-limiting beliefs and wounds about being worthy of a healthy masculine provider and equal partnership. (Whether that is dual career partnership or a SAHW/SAHM loving agreement.)

  • Childhood wounds related to money, wealth, and providence and what YOU deserve.

  • Negative thinking about what the Universe seeks to provide for you and WHY you must struggle.

  • Toxic and unhealthy patterns of dependency and self-objectification to extract money from partners in transactional dynamics.

  • Scarcity mindsets relating to the stability and security of what you have in the NOW.

  • Self-defined limits, ceilings, and outdated narratives on what you deserve and what is making its way to you.


We will accomplish this through the Workin For A Birkin curriculum. Here is a sneak peek into the first 9 Lessons.

  • Lesson 1, Lesson 2, Lesson 3

    The Workin For A Birkin Manifesto, The Scarcity Mindset, and Our Quest To Feel "Safe"

    In the first Lesson we expand upon the Workin For A Birkin (#WFAB) manifesto, or the end state we seek to operate in when we graduate this curriculum. In Lesson 2 we will dive into the scarcity mindset, also known as the broken abundance belief, and how it fuels so many wounds and creates fear within us. In Lesson 3 we go deep into our biological and psychological quest to feel safe and how the same concerns that keep us safe and secure can kick into overdrive and become rooted in fear.

  • Lesson 4, Lesson 5, Lesson 6

    Manifestation Is An Inside Job, Which Block Are You On?, and "There Isn't Enough" thinking

    In Lesson 4 we discuss how Manifestation is an inside job and it starts within you and with how you think and feel. In Lesson 5 we dig into various Manifestation and Abundance Mindset blocks and begin assessing which ones you may have. Lesson 6 covers the block around there never being enough for you.

  • Lesson 7, Lesson 8, Lesson 9

    Making Money Is Hard, Better Spend It Now, and Blessings Now Then Bad Stuff Later

    Lesson 7 starts out with us exploring and working to remove the block and belief that making money is and has to be hard. In Lesson 8 we tackle the mentality that once you have some money or income that you must spend it now before it slips away from you. This also digs into the self-fulfilling belief that money/wealth can't just stay with you and flows away. Lesson 9 delves into the negative belief that if money and abundance or good things happen to you now... that bad stuff whether monetary or otherwise will surely follow.


“This course is AMAZING. It has so much wisdom in it, I couldn't believe it. I smashed through it quickly because I already do or have done many things described during the 21 day Glow-Up challenge. So many things are easy to continue to expound upon even now and I look forward to meeting my future self. I cannot thank you enough for providing this course to us, Mischaela. This is a gift to all of humanity. Thank you. I love you.”

Alexandra J.

“Excellent knowledge given to us in an angelic way. Meaningful and effective. AWESOME.”

Mona R.

“I experience this spiritual growth path as practical and it assisted me in further growth, and is presented in a soft way. The meditations are very powerful. Thanks Mischaela.”

Lauren S.

“Great course. I highly recommend it. She is very calm and peaceful. Absolutely loved this program and reconnecting with my higher self. Thank you! ”

Yumi A.

Dr. Mischaela Elkins


Mischaela Elkins is an American businesswoman and author of Workin' For A Birkin, Breathwork at Tiffany’s, and Red Bottoms & Rose Quartz. She received a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing & Finance from Indiana University, completed graduate level pre-MBA work at Harvard University, and holds an MBA from the IE Business School of the Instituto de Empresa in Spain. In 2023 she was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Letters for her 3 self-help works. In addition to her formal education, Mischaela is an Achology Certified Life Coach. Her professional resume includes management at a Fortune 500, Morgan Stanley, a Lehman Brothers owned Fintech, and a Platinum Equity portco. Pairing her background in Finance, Business School background, and personal affinity for wellness and spiritual self-development - she wrote Workin' For A Birkin as a how to guide for women seeking to heal their blocks and personal wounds around money, wealth mindset, abundance thinking, and manifestation. THE ROSEWOOD INSTITUTE has expanded to include the academy, 3 self help books, a blog, and a podcast - available on Apple Podcasts & Spotify. THE ROSEWOOD INSTITUTE is a modern finishing academy who want more, and want to be more.